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CFI Programme 2013-2015

Based on the success of Demonstration Programme safefood have committed funding for another Community Food Initiative Programme 2013-15. A similar approach will be taken to the Demonstration Programme but with a focus on families and young people. Healthy Food for All will manage the programme over the 3 year period. The vision of the new…

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Pilot Programme of Breakfast Clubs

The Pilot Programme of Breakfast Clubs is managed by HFfA which provides funding and support to four new breakfast clubs in north Dublin. The Pilot Programme runs from January 2013 until June 2014. Healthy Food for All works closely with each school to provide guidance on setting up and running a sustainable breakfast club that…

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Demonstration Programme 2010-2012

The Demonstration Programme is a three-year programme funded by safefood and managed by Healthy Food for All.  The programme will provide a testing ground for seven CFI projects across the island of Ireland, with the aim of identifying supports needed to ensure their development and long-term sustainability.  There is a strong emphasis on shared learning and networking…

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