About History

Healthy Food for All was set up following the publication and extensive dissemination of Food Poverty and Policy (2004), a report which highlighted the issue of food poverty as one of the major concerns that food and nutrition policy in Ireland needs to address. The report was commissioned by Combat Poverty, Crosscare and St Vincent de Paul.

The findings of the report were debated in the Oireachtas, and discussed with the food sector, HSE community dietitians, anti-poverty organisations, Government departments (health, agriculture and social welfare), local authorities and other interests. In line with the recommendations of the report, Combat Poverty Agency funded a feasibility study on the establishment of a Healthy Food for All initiative, which was undertaken by Crosscare. The results of this feasibility study were discussed at a roundtable of key interests in April 2005, where there was broad support for the establishment of Healthy Food for All as an initiative to address food poverty. A number of follow-up discussions were held with other interested parties.

The Initial Phase

From September 2006-December 2007 work began on establishing Healthy Food for All as an all-island multi-agency initiative to combat food poverty. This phase was funded by Combat Poverty Agency, Department of Social and Family Affairs, Dublin City Council, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, HSE and safefood. Crosscare agreed to house Healthy Food for All.

The Development Phase

Following a successful independent evaluation, Healthy Food for All is currently working through a three year Development Plan 2008-2010, funded by Combat Poverty Agency, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, HSE and safefood. Healthy Food for All is supported by an advisory committee and a management committee.