Cookery Class in St. Patrick’s National School, Blanchardstown


Fifth class students from St. Patrick’s Senior National School in Corduff, Blanchardstown, are amazing budding chefs! They made delicious homemade pizza and side salad in their cookery class.

The children loved kneading the dough and topping the pizza with their favourite vegetables and everyone was keen to learn and help. Some of the parents attended and helped… some teachers also attended but we think they were just there to taste test… The next cooking class will be on homemade fruit muffins – a definite valid excuse for another visit!

This cookery class is part of the Good Food Network in Dublin 15, which is coordinated by Roisin Devoy of Blanchardstown Area Partnership. They run a number of healthy food related activities, including their strong links with local schools. Teachers have reported children working and behaving better in school as a result of their involvement in their Community Food Initiative. The children really enjoy cooking, especially after they have harvested their own produce from the school garden. They have established a school garden committee which includes pupils, staff and volunteers. Roisin has had requests from other schools in the area to share learning as a result of positive results from St. Patricks National School.

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