Cloughmills Incredible Edibles, Antrim

Cloughmills Incredible Edibles in Antrim​ had a fabulous summer festival on 15th August. Their food tasting corner offered fresh bread and jams made from some locally foraged produce; barbecued corn-on-the-cob; healthy salads and Middle Eastern delights such as a delicious stew called Addis and a sweet cake called Basbusa. They also used produce from their community garden to make chocolate beetroot cakes, a delicious raw beet pesto and courgette cakes. In their Yurt they had talks on using herbs from your garden at home and a Tea Meditation exploring the effects of rosemary on your body. All told a very healthy happy day. On the Sunday they had a teddy-bears picnic!

They run a lot of activities in their community garden throughout the year. It is a great space to engage all members of the community and everyone is welcome.

Community Food Initiatives like Cloughmills Incredible Edibles do amazing work raising awareness around nutrition and healthy eating. We are delighted that this project is part of the Community Food Initiative Programme 2013-15 and that they are so willing to share their wealth of knowledge. We use this evidence to ensure that food poverty is a priority issue on the political agenda in both jurisdictions.

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