Fatima Launch ‘Food 2 Enjoy’ Cookbook

The Fatima Groups United FRC community food project launched their fabulous cookbook, ‘Food 2 Enjoy’.  The cookbook is one of the elements that evolved from their community food project and was kick-started by the very vibrant and wonderful Wednesday Women’s Cooking Group!  Recipes were tried, tested and shared each week. Supported by the Community Health Worker, they have been busy educating themselves on all aspects of food, nutrition & healthy eating. This group has become very strong within the community and they often cook for local community events.

The women spoke about all the cookbook means to them. It is not just about healthy food; it is about friendship, sharing, support and building the confidence and capacity of the group. They are an inspiration to all community cooking groups. The recipes in their cookbook are easy and very tasty.

Among other healthy food activities, Fatima community food project has a men’s cooking group that cook a community breakfast in the centre every Thursday and they also grow vegetables & herbs, to support the cooking groups, in the local community garden.

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