Community Community FAQ

What types of Community Food Initiatives are there?

  • Community Cafes
  • Food Co-operatives
  • Community Farmers Markets
  • Community Food Growing Projects
  • Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs in the Community
  • Healthy School Clubs and Community Centres
  • Nutrition Education and Training (Cook It! Programme, Healthy Food Made Easy etc.)

What is the Added Value of Community Food Initiatives?

  • Stimulate community action
  • Prioritise local issues
  • Address the needs of low-income households
  • Increase awareness/knowledge of food issues
  • Influenced by food safety and dietary guidelines
  • Support local suppliers/producers
  • Highlight inequalities
  • Contribute to the health and well-being of people in the local area

How can I find Community Food Initiatives in my area?

Check out our Initiatives Directory to find out the different CFIs currently operating in your area.

How can I set up a Community Food Initiative?

A good start is to read our Good Practice Guide for Community Food Initiatives or you can call Georgina at +353 (0)86 152 6569 or email for advice on setting up a CFI.

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