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Initiatives Led By: East Belfast Mission

Healthy Eating Education Programme


Many residents of the Mission are struggling to live on low incomes but still need to eat well and eat healthily. The East Belfast Mission Healthy Eating Education Programme provides healthy nutritious food for residents and ex-residents of their homeless shelter. This project also provides health and diet sessions and cookery demonstrations to residents and ex residents on how to plan and prepare healthy food on a low budget. The training provided for the hostel residents will add value to the life skills already taught during their time with the Mission. Information and advice sessions will also be provided for local residents, senior citizens and users of their family and community programmes giving advice and support on how to prepare and cook healthy meals on a low income. By educating those involved in the programme, this knowledge will hopefully be taken back to their homes and families and used to continue to cook and eat healthily at a low cost.

Objectives of the Project include

To provide an evening meal for 22 residents two evenings per week over the three-year period
To deliver a programme of healthy eating to residents and ex-residents
To provide information and advice sessions on healthy eating on a low budget to local residents
To purchase extra kitchen equipment to provide training
To raise awareness of the programme with promotional materials