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Kerry One World Centre NETPLANTS

NETPLANTS is a multi-partner project that will examine how disadvantaged adults from across the UK, France, Spain, Romania and Ireland can develop skills associated with plants, vegetables and fruits to improve their well-being.

Aiming to reconnect people with the environment at its source, NETPLANTS will demonstrate how plants and vegetables can improve our lives in a variety of ways.

The project also aims to encourage the development of a network of facilitators on these topics, both at a local level and across the European partners.

The project will assess the current skill level of each population in relation to growing, cooking, foraging and decorating using vegetables and plants. Once determined, it will then offer workshops and guides to improve each of these disciplines.

Throughout the project, each organisation will work with local experts to develop workshops and manuals that will encourage local people to develop new skills related to growing, cooking, foraging or natural arts.

Once learning programmes have been developed in each nation, the programmes will be tested by willing participants and the most effective training methods showcased in a print /online manual.

By 2017, it is hoped the project will have enabled many people facing economic or social issues across Europe to be more proficient in valuable skills including cooking, growing and natural crafts – all of which will improve people’s lives in a variety of ways.